QGCase Utilizes Best Practices for Optimal Outcomes

We define case management as any professional (caregiver, therapist, physician) who works with people who need assistance. All case management has common elements:

The Only Case Management Tool

You’ll Ever Need


                                 QGCase Features:


Provide an initial screen and background which serves as the basis for understanding the client.

Needs Assessment

Develop a plan, based on a set of needs, to give the client what he or she needs to manage the path to recovery and success.

Case Management

Based on the needs of each client, QG helps to manage individual cases as well as overall caseload for each case manager.


Refer clients to other, specialized treatment or training programs. That can range from housing assistance, job training to education planning.

Data Validation

QGCase includes rules which ensure the required fields are complete and within a normal range.

Scheduling and Reminders

Scheduling meetings and calendar reminders for caseworkers and clients including text reminders.

Outcomes Tracking

QG Case allows for tracking of program outcomes and measurement of program success for participants.


The ability to manage, maintain and share client information in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner.

Overall Program Success

Program oversite. Visibility into the bigger picture of your program. Ability to assess how your program is doing.

Hospital-Based Violence Intervention

Emergency Department Programs for Injured Youth

Deployed in many programs across the country.

Screening for age criteria, injury type, and safety

Needs for mental health, court advocacy, education, employment, and others

HMIS Compatible

Homeless Managment Information Systems (HMIS) is a standard for data structures that may be required by your site. We have a compliant data structure that is ready to be deployed for you.

Domestic Violence

Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Abuse

Assessing history and patterns of behavior

Provides for relocation and shelter assistance tracking

Addresses needs tracking for all affected family members


QuesGen VIP Clients

“We’ve been using the QuesGen System for the past seven years or so with great success. The system is very user-friendly. It’s built on the front-end with users in mind, and the back-end analysis incorporates the research staff. We originally considered using REDCap (a free internal tool) instead, but quickly realized that it would not allow for the analysis that we needed. Even though our technical expertise is limited, the QuesGen platform has increased the productivity and accuracy of our case managers. And we’ve found the QuesGen team to be very responsive to our needs, they actually care about how they are helping us”

– Rochelle Dicker, M.D, UCSF – Director, San Francisco Wraparound Project